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Silicone Roof Coatings Provide an Inexpensive Alternative to Costly Re-roofing

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Building owners and facilities managers are saving on re-roofing costs and enjoying other significant benefits. 

As an intelligent alternative to re-roofing, silicone roof coatings have no fear. These coatings, or “Roof Restoration Systems” provide a simple, green, sustainable solution that saves building owners and facility managers money, can be completed quickly… and can help reduce energy costs – especially in sun-belt states!

Fifteen Years Material & Labor Warranty

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A silicone roof system provides multiple benefits, while extending the life of your roof 10-20 years:

A fraction of the Cost of re-roofing

The labor and materials cost are a fraction of that of re-roofing, making silicone roof coatings a cost-effective alternative to roof replacement. Plus, many roof failures are confined to only 10% of the roof surface, but often good roofing materials are torn off and replaced as part of the re-roofing project.

No roof tear-offs

Because it also allows you to use your existing roof, no tear-offs are needed. You avoid the inconvenience, chaos and mess that’s normally associated with re-roofing. If you have an area of damage on your roof, we will repair it before we lay the silicone.

Quick turnaround

A silicone coating or roof restoration system is quick and easy compared to re-roofing. Daily routines can be maintained and inconvenience and distraction to workers in the building are minimal.

Resists sun damage

Silicone roofing is UV resistant and doesn’t chalk, crack or become discolored due to sun damage, which is a common problem with flat roof coatings. Large commercial or industrial buildings greatly benefit from this feature, given their increased are of sun exposure.

Extends Roof Lifespan

With the technological advances of silicone roof coating and roof restoration systems, your roof’s life could be extended a full 10-20 years. That’s because it’s a monolithic fully-adhered system that’s super weather resistant and withstands permanent pooling water without softening.

Reduce cooling Cost

Because these “Cool Roofs” are reflective, they cool and protect the roof surface. It can reduce the temperature inside the building by 6-9° F and reduce the roof surface temperature by up to 50%. You’ll save on energy and interior temperatures will be lower – even on buildings without air conditioning, making it more comfortable for workers.

Fully-tax deductible

As a maintenance item, restoration allows you to immediately expense your costs, as opposed to re-roofing, which, as a capital expense, must be depreciated over the anticipated 39-year working life of the roof established by the IRS.

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A silicone roof coating can be applied to virtually any flat roof or low-sloped roof:



Smooth surface


Silicone coated roof

Aged asphalt







Granulated cap sheet


How silicone roof systems work.

Silicone Roof Systems are becoming the choice for roof restoration.

There are multiple flat roof systems, such as rubber membrane, built-up roof, and modified bitumen. Silicone Roof Coatings are produced by adding a catalyst and solvents to a silicone base, forming a chemically-resistant barrier to harsh environmental elements. Since the silicone is a natural material, these coatings are biodegradable.

How it’s applied.

These systems are a cold fluid applied coating that can be sprayed.  These coatings are applied anywhere from 2 to 3.5 gallons per 100 square feet, depending on the substrate. The work is done quickly with very little mess, like a messy, time consuming traditional tear-off.

Have your existing roof sampled and tested by us, we’ll determine the best solution for you.

About us

Roof Sealing Systems are the experts in silicone roof systems and roof restoration. We take pride in making you our top priority. Having applied a multitude of silicone roof systems, we are the “go to” company to get the job done in a timely and professional manner. Our experts are here to answer any questions or concerns you have and guide you through the entire process. Our mission is to provide the finest service on each and every project, regardless of size.

Start saving on the cost of re-roofing and reducing your energy costs today:

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"Roof Sealing Systems did a great job, with virtually no downtime to my business."

"It's definitely made the building cooler - and I'm using less electricity."

"I saved a ton of money and the roof looks great."

"I should get another 10 to 15 years out of the roof now - that's a lifesaver."