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Commercial Silicone Roof Sealing: A Primer

Silicone roof coating system consists of spraying a silicone coating over your present commercial roof. Building owners and managers and managers have realized that a silicone roof coating is the most sustainable and financially reasonable solution for prolonging the life of an existing commercial roof as well as providing protection from ongoing general wear and tear. Silicone roof coating consists of an application of silicone that is sprayed or rolled on the existing roof which provides another layer of protection from the sun as well as other environmental elements. An infrared inspection of your existing roof may be needed to determine if there are section that may have excess saturation in the roofing membrane. If the inspection determines the commercial roof displays saturated sections, they should be repaired removed and replaced. The existing roof surface should be power washed, so any  contaminants are removed. After the installation of a primer, the membrane seams will be strengthened. Once this is completed, the silicone is then sprayed or rolled over the entire commercial roofing surface.

Why commercial silicone roofing?

Pros of commercial silicone roofing: 

    • Cost. A silicone roof coating averages between $2 and $4 per square foot. A new roof replacement will run between $4 and $10 per square foot.
    • Reduced energy costs. Silicone roof coatings, sometimes referred as “cool roofs’, can save over 35% in cooling costs 
    • No removal of roof is necessary. Silicone coating may be applied over  any existing commercial roofing 
    • Extends the life of your existing commercial roof
    • Silicone has virtually no erosion and provides a very durable long lasting surface
    • Single layer coating that does not require a second coat
    • Can be applied at any time of the year 
    • The project can be completed quickly with  little or no disruption to tenants 
    • Impermeable/non-porous sealing system
    • Helps protect the roof against puddling issues
    • The roofing project can be completed much faster, safer and more economically than a complete roof replacement
    • Only one coat of silicone is needed to maintain a suitable level of seal 
    • Silicone forms a flexible membrane that expands and contracts maintaining its strength over varying weather and environmental conditions
  • Silicone coatings are considered to be environmentally friendly

What is a silicone roof coating system?

A silicone roof coating system is applied by spraying the material directly onto the existing commercial roof to ensure the integrity of the structure, the roofing application can be power washed to remove any potential contaminants. The silicone roofing coating is one of the most efficient roofing materials available. The bonding process is quick, economical, and flexible, allowing for flexibility in temperature conditions and types of roofing materials to be installed. The flexibility and durability of a silicone roof coating system allows for easy application to a variety of different types of existing roofs.

Commercial Roof Inspections

Before a commercial roof surface coating system can be installed, it is essential that an infrared inspection of your roof is performed to identify potential issues and present a clear picture of the state of the roof surface. You will need to create a checklist of any known problems that your building maintenance technician may be able to identify. These problems may range from moisture buildup and leaks to a potential slab separation or roof ridge collapse. A professional commercial roof inspection is required and can be conducted by a commercial roof coating contractor.

How do you choose the right commercial roof coating system?

Choosing the right commercial roof coating system for your commercial property is a complex process and requires deep knowledge in engineering, maintenance, and commercial roof maintenance. In order to make the best decision, you will need to find a commercial roofing specialist with the proper training, experience, and commercial knowledge to perform the necessary inspection and careful analysis. The most important factor to consider when selecting a commercial roof coating system, is the performance of the underlayment. Silicone is a very durable product and has been proven to stand up against elements where other roofing material will fail. 

Commercial silicone roof installation

A silicone roof coating system comes with 3 main components: After the roof has been power washed, an adhesion test may need to be performed. Many roof membranes may require a primer, but an adhesion test will confirm this. After installation of a primer, the membrane seams may need to be reinforced. This is often accomplished by the installation of a reinforced mesh and an additional silicone coating or reinforcing the seams with flashing and tape before application of a topcoat. Once these preparations are complete, a silicone membrane is sprayed or rolled over the commercial roof.  Often, only a single layer is needed.

Silicone Roof Coating Concerns

You need to ensure that your existing roof is a good candidate for a silicone roof sealing system. The roof needs to be less than twenty-five percent saturated. Also, the existing seams need to be in good or fair condition. You will need an inspection from a reputable roof sealing contractor such as Roof Sealing Systems to determine the health of your commercial roof and if you are a good candidate for silicone sealing. Finally, like many roof sealing options, silicone does have an odor when curing. Discuss any concerns you may have with your sealing contractor, especially if you have a large number of fresh air intakes on your roof.


If your commercial property is leaking or you are considering complete commercial roof replacement, consider a commercial silicone roofing sealing system. Roof Sealing Systems, a Florida silicone roofing contractor, is available to consult with you to discuss your commercial roof discuss issues. We are a leading Florida roof coating contractor who understand your particular needs and can provide a long lasting and economical solution. Call Roof Sealing Systems today for more information. 

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